definitely a must watch


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I just gotta say, that guy is no joke. He's just simply in incredible drumming shape at the moment and it's cool to watch; machine-like abilities, and very human input on the kit. No denying he's a positive force on the world.


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Thanks for posting the vid. I have nothing but respect for Mike Johnston. He deserves the success he is having. And I have learned quite a bit from his videos to boot.

Hollywood Jim

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Wow, a great drummer and teacher who is humble and appears to have a normal sized ego.
Very refreshing !

Thank for the video.



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Incredible. I'm so impressed by this guy.

I was at my local drum shop hanging like I do every Saturday and the shop owner mentioned seeing Johnson and how impressed he was. The cat is really on it.


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Mike is just a class act and humble guy ,who happens to have an amazing skill set,and a great attitude about life in general.There's a youtube vid of him at a Sam Ash pre clinic,and he plays a real cheap set of I think Gammon drums.He still makes them sound great ,with no tuning and really cheap brass cymbals.

The man is a credit to our art,and is a shining beacon of what we should all aspire to be.Even if we weren't drummers.He's just a good man,who's not ego driven like so many young musicians,who always think they're are legends in their own mind.

Steve B


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I've been impressed by his video's for sometime and this documentary just affirms what I thought about him which is he's a great guy with a huge heart for teaching. I loved his comment that teaching is his Plan A.

I would love to attend one of his camps.


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I personally enjoyed hearing him say something along the lines of "If I was asked to go on tour with my favorite artist right now, I would say no I'm teaching." I feel he is accurate with his comments about how most teachers would say, of course lets do this! I'm sure there are a few educators out there who would side with Mike, but I know if I was presented with the same situation I might just go on tour with my favorite recording artist.

However, since he already kind of lived the rock n roll life and didn't enjoy it as much it might be easier for him to dismiss the idea?

I really enjoy Mike's playing and his attitude towards drumming in general. I wish there were more people like him in our little world.


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He's going to have a lot of great students who make impacts, too. Great drummer and instructor.

" trust art, you can't win" that's so true

Bruce M. Thomson

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All of the above comments cover just about everything that I feel.
All I could add is that teachers from other disciplines could learn much from him. What a gem.


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His ending commentary about teaching is on the mark and needs repeating. I don't teach music but I am a teacher. It was not my plan A but after I tried it, it quickly became my plan A. Not sure if everyone is cut out for it though.

Two comments I really liked: the first which has already been cited, "In art, you can't win" (really now, winning and art, talk about clashing concepts), and second regarding teachers wanting their students to go beyond the teacher. Any teacher who is scared by their students going beyond them is not much of a teacher. The student surpassing the teacher is what makes improvement of the human condition possible.