Deepest sounding toms


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Large toms, fairly low tuned batter heads, resonant heads 1 full octave above, weighty sticks, full bass drum resonant head, band member / gear exclusion zone in front of your kit.


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/ gear exclusion zone in front of your kit.
Gear exclusion zone, nice. That would make a cool bass drum reso with some kind of warning on it about how the bass drum owner is not responsible for damage to items placed in front of the bass drum. As an electrician, I have to maintain certain working clearances in front and above my panels. Nothing from the other trades are allowed to be in those zones. This could be a similar thing. Are guitarists considered a different trade?

As an aside, on the bandstand, I always wanted to display one of those signs you see in the workplace that says something like "This band has worked 445 days without an accident". Just for a gag. The bandstand is a workplace, right?

In fact, you would think OSHA would get involved, being they are so hot about protecting workers from environmental hazards. I get the feeling that OSHA doesn't care at all if musicians deafen themselves. And I'm so hurt over that.
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My maple/mahogany DW toms have the biggest sound I have had so far. And that with ultra and regular short sizes and the older evans g2/g1 combo.

I had deep 80’s birch/mahogany toms in the past but they didn’t sound as complete as my current baby.
I can’t wait to put the clear CS/ebony ambassador combo on them.


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The deepest sounding drums by far that I have ever heard, owned or played are the Yamaha PHX series . The thick shells are completely contrary to accepted Drum logic . These shells are incredibly resonant , fat and loud . Sure you would think thick shell drums would project well , but your atypical thick shell drum would not sound as resonant or fat as the Yamaha PHX .
The plies used in the PHX are a multi wood layup combination of Jatoba core, Kapur on either side of the Jatoba and maple outer plies . Maple being the “softest “ of the plies according to the Janka scale .

Some people have issue dialing in the Yamaha PHX series because of their extreme resonance and depth of tone . You HAVE to be a good tuner to truly appreciate these drums . Shane Kinney of Drum Center of Portsmouth and I discussed tubing of these wonderful drums and he agreed that they take a bit more effort to dial in, but once done they are superb drums .