Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice suffers stroke


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Get well soon, Ian.

I didn't appreciate how good Paice was when I was younger. But later on, I realized what a beast he is. Truly one of the great rock drummers of all time.


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Thats awful, hope he makes a full recovery. One of only two drummers I consider a real and obvious influence on my playing.


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Terrible news. But it appears to be one of these 'mini' ones. Incredible, this is the first concert date he ever missed since 1968!
Love his drum parts, and style.


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Horrid news. Ian Paice's performance on Made In Japan is the reason I wanted to play drums. I'm stunned.
I started playing in late 69. I got the made in Japan LP maybe a few yr. later, and I sure learned a lot for his performance on it. My older Bro. had most, if not all of their albums, so I had a lot of exposure to Ian's playing. Great drummer for sure.

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I remember being a kid back in the 70's, Made In Japan was my favorite album. I used to listen to that album for hours sitting in a big bean bag with these huge cans on my head. I was riveted by Ian's drumming. He truly was/is inspiring for me.

( I also listened to Jethro Tull, Cat Stevens and Elton John a lot too.)


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Get well soon, Mr. Paice.

For me it was "In Rock" by Deep Purple, followed by Made in Japan. That album kicked my behind when I was very young and finding my way.


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Like all young guys growing up .Deep Purple where a big part of my LP Collection .Never saw then in the early days,for one reason or another.......When i finally saw them at a fairly small 2000 seat room,I Was amazed at how smooth Ian was....I Couldnt take my eyes off of him.It was a real treat to see him live up close and in person.With just the way he rolled around those toms,and how he crashed his cymbals.......Hope you get back Ian,and if you dont,then thanks for all the years turning on young and old drummers all over the world...........


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Terrible news. Time is of the essence with strokes and I'm so glad he was able to get treated immediately. The term "mini-stroke" (TIA) doesn't quite convey how serious it is. But all things considered, he was in the right place when it happened.

Here's to a full recovery, Ian!


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I'm so busy right now, this passed me by. Rather like life I suppose, & certainly what's important. Here's wishing Ian a complete recovery.


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Just saw this, hoping for a speedy and total recovery. Good to hear that it sounds like he is okay.


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Hey, now. Not even that old, necessarily, but it's not all bad. I had the same type of stroke when I was in my mid-thirties. Scared the hell out of me, but I'm fine now.
Had a friend (band directors son who lived down the street from Vince Colaiuta and they were very good friends),have a mini back in his 40's.
Spent a few months in rehab ,but seems to have recovered.

Had a cousin that had a TIS ,$180K for one day in the hospital.


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I was never a huge Deep Purple fan (although I do love some of their songs).

But I say them live in the 90's. Holy cow, Ian Paice was amazing.

I hope he is able to recover from this.