Death metal Tuning


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Hi folks, i think you may havve guessed by the titel this thread is about death metal. Right my querey is, you know how in death metal the tuning is mega low on the guitars and bass, is it a good idea to down tune my drums to a low pitch and if so which pitch's for batter and resonant heads. Anyway thanks for any replys. : )


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Most of my favorite DM recordings (Black Dahlia Murder, Decapitated, Scarve) don't necessarily have low pitched drums - maybe large drums. Medium to medium-high tuning is not unusual. You will need that higher pitch to cut through the racket - especially during fast tom fills and blast beats...

Check out Derek Roddy videos - he has a very nicely tuned kit which does the job perfectly...


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If everything is tuned low, there will be very little seperation between drums/bass and guitar. You might want to consider tuning your drums up a little bit, so they stand out from the Guitar and Bass, particularly when you're recording.


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I play in a metal/death metal band and the low tuning of the guitars/bass are the main reason I ditched my 12/13" rack tom setup, for an 8/10/12" setup.

The higher pitches of the 8 and 10 mean that I can actually hear my toms at practise now :)

I still like to keep my 16" floor tom fairly low though.