Ddrum Hybrid bass drum


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I can't help but think that a picture of the hole you're referring to would help a lot. So would knowing the size of the hole.

That said, off the top of my head I can't think of a tom mounting arm smaller than 7/8", at least in modern stuff. Most are 1".

If the hole isn't that big and you don't want to use tom stands or clamps to fly them off of cymbal stands I think your only real option would be to buy the mount you want and drill for it.


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Don't drill it, it has an internal trigger. If you mount toms on it and decide to use the trigger, vibrations could cause all kinds of crosstalk issues.

The hole is more than likely for a cable.


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Is it a vent or a port for XLR cables. What diameter is it?
Surely he means a port for the XLR cable?

Basswood shell
Internal Pro Series triggers
Triple flange hoops
Shell-mounted XLR inputs

Seeing as there's no mount on top of the bass drum it's looking like you'll have to purchase a separate tom holder stand to support toms my friend....


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Here's some pics of the full kit which comes with the bass drum if you're wanting to keep everything ddrum (didn't find any with tom stand mounts built into the bass drum).
Obviously you'll have to find a tom stand which attaches to the type of tom mounting brackets you'll be using.