ddrum Dominion 22 5-Piece Maple Drum Set


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Hey Matt ... I own a Dominion Maple Pocket with 20" kick and I really like it a lot. I gig with it regularly and it has always performed well. Pics



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Great kit, Stripchase! That's a 20" kick? I noticed it has 10 lugs per side, which is unusual on kicks smaller than 22".

I hear a lot of good things about ddrum. Garvin posted a video of him playing them on a gig, a while back...they sounded excellent to me!
Thanks Zambizzi. When I was in High School we used to make a drink called Zambizzi punch. One can of frozen pink lemonade, 1/3 can vodka and 3 beers. Good times.

It's a 20" kick for sure. With an SKII, unported reso and no muffling, it really does sound very good. The last show I did, the sound guy said it was the best sounding kick he has heard in a long time and that was using a cheap Nady kick mic. I just picked up a Shure Beat 52A so I can't wait to use it. Not until June 5th unfortunately.


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Hey, I actually have a Dominion 24 Kit. It is an awesome kit, only thing I don't like is the Bass can get lost when you're playing and your band mates are really loud. You get a great thump from the bass, at least from mine. I have a 20 by 24. The snare is okay, the tom's are great.