DDRUM DD5XM With Superior Drummer 2.0 Sensitivity Issues

I'm currently using a custom E-drum kit, a DDRUM DD5XM module, a 2014 Macbook pro, Logix Pro X and Superior Drummer 2.0. I've tried connecting the module with a regular USB cable and a USB midi cable but for some reason the sensitivity for individual pads is off. The kit plays and feels great using the module audio but not in Superior Drummer. I've tried messing with the mapping presets but nothing seems to work, and I don't want to spend loads of time adjusting velocities.

Do I need an audio interface? Is it something to do with the buffer size or something else in Logic?


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Its buffer or memory if its latency.

I have experienced this before.

It's either the sensitivity of the drums or mapping in the app

I find the roland kit will sound amazing but I have to tweak superior, bfd, addictive to sound good.

The anti machineguning can sometimes throw you off, or min/max velocity.

first you have to set your pads so your max and minimum hits arn't clipping or missing. then when the drums are set you do the vst.

most people have their ekits WAY to sensitive so it sounds amazing even if you are not playing perfect. I often lower my sensitivity a bunch so I am not maxing them out, but I tend to set the minimum in the app a bit higher so its not quiet.

I find the vst sometimes it is the drum too. try multiple kits and you get different results.
How does the mapping affect the way the e-drums play? I thought mapping was just to get the pads to trigger the correct sound.

Also, if the e-drums play great through the module but different in superior wouldn't this suggest a communication issue? Especially if I've adjusted the buffer size? Seems like an audio interface would help superior drummer better understand the midi messages coming from the module. Just a thought......