DD505 metronome

Mr. Serpent

Anyone have any experience with this kit? I have a minor yet infuriating problem. The drum brain's metronome seems to dislike working on its own. I can turn the click on fine, but 75% of the time I try to change the tempo those damn play-along songs automatically come with absolutely no prompting. It's incredibly distracting, and it's not a simple matter of pressing "stop" either, since if you do, the metronome resets to 105 BPM.

After 3/4 tries I can change the tempo without the songs starting, however if I try to change it again...it starts. It's not a life-threatening problem but I'd rather not have to work around my own kit when it should work around me.

If anyone owns/has experience with this kit, do you encounter this problem/is there something I'm doing wrong? Thanks.


Junior Member
hey mate, i have the exact same problem and no idea how to sort it. I know thats not very helpful but if other people are having the same problem i'd guess its a cureable problem...unless its a common fault.