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My little cover band keeps chugging along and we are getting interested in recording ourselves. Since I am the drummer and we rehearse at my place and everything is there, I am the de facto (but very inexperienced) sound guy. We use a Behringer XR18 and I have a PC--can folks please give me recommendations on a DAW we should try? Of course I am interested in something low cost and easy to use, but able to get more complex if we want to do more. I am thinking Studio One, Reaper, Audacity, Pro Tools' most basic option. Thanks!


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I use and like Ableton Live. But for quick recordings that sound really good I use the Tascam Model 24 which is a stand alone mixer/SD card recorder that will also act as an interface with a DAW. I really enjoy the Model 24 and think it sounds great.

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Of the options you listed I give the nod to Studio One. If you're thinking of going into full blown production someday then you might as well bite the bullet and learn Pro Tools.