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Pick didn’t like how “loud” the band was getting... the old cliche of musical differences by the sound of it! :)
Dire Straits were the first gig I saw live! On The Night tour at Maine Road Stadium in Manchester UK in 1991 (maybe 1992?!). My Mum and Dad managed to clear it with my school that I could leave early to go to the gig, it might have even been my birthday. I was 8 years old, and seeing Chris Whitten was probably the main deciding factor of taking up the sticks!


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Well? Let's keep this rolling. I remember listening to Edie Brickels what I am?..very hip soulful drumming with Matt Chamberlain doing the video so I'm thinking damn! That mother grooves. It wasn't until later that I found out Chris Whitten recorded the tune. Right then I thought he's a Porcaro..a Robinson..hes a mother!. Oh..for the life of me I don't remember the cattle call audition but remember reading how this other well known drummer peaked in during the audition saying that Chris was handling it supremely.


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The cattle call as I remember was not for D.S. this was SO long! ago. I tried as if my life depended on it to remember the particular incident but it was implanted in my brain. It may not have been a 40 acre cattle call but an audition none the less. You were involved. Give me some time....80 issues of modern drummer is involved but it left a mark on me. Was it Brickell? Possibly?. Not Mcartney..im wracking my brain!. To be continued

Chris Whitten

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I've never done a mass audition. The closest would be multiple Friday jam sessions with McCartney, but I was the only drummer on my days.
Most gigs are word of mouth, personal recommendation.


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Not to hijack the thread, but i must say your drumsound on 'On The Night' is my benchmark sound on how i want toms to sound (for as much as i can since i don't play big arenas hehe).
What were/are the specs of that kit?


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And still. I love terry's live-work more.

This pure power, fun, and chemistry. They never have done it like this for me in later years.