David Letterman Drum Solo Week II


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Having just watched these week 2 vids its interesting to see peoples opinions

Personally I think if you are going to do a drum solo to a mainstream audience (not one made up entirely of drummers) then really you need to impress them as non musicians.
For that reason Tony really takes the prize here- great playing and technique but also good showmanship
Gavin- amazing drummer with some fantastic ideas, but for me its too technical for average Joe to understand and hence its just clever for clevers sake (a bit like vinnie's beat displacement stuff)
Stuart- really disappointing in my eyes. His technique was all over the shop and his playing is really sloppy. Great energy and yeah he is a hugely influential player but just didnt do it for me.
Dennis- nice groove but as others have mentioned not really showing his full capability and i think would perhaps be a bit "boring" to the average listener

Just my 2 cents
agreed. my favorite was Dave's bud Jeff Altman a few weeks later.

and George Takei