David Aka. Joeyjunior15 on YouTube


I have watched all of his YouTube channels videos and he is just awesome drummer. I love his drumming style. He remainds me of Joey Jordison. Check this video out (Him covering eeyore) :


He started playing drums I think when he was about 13 or 14.

He is also a drummer of a band called This Is Not A Game Of Who Are You/Tinagowtfay

You can download their debut album 101010 for free at : http://www.tinagowtfay.com/

Give me your opinion about his drumming and about his band. Also you don't need to download the album to listen to their music. He also has on his channels demonstration of the songs of each one ( He plays the songs with drums). Songs like "Mewgte","Islandman","Glass Wall" etc.
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I'm thinking English, given the massive Eddie Izzard quote from 'Deathstar Canteen'.

It's Jeff Vader!


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yeah i hate his technique, still props to him for putting stuff up on youtube!