Dave Weckl how to play pattern


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Hi fellow drummers,

I am new here and this is also my first post. I am 20 years old and have been drumming for 8 years ( as a hobby).

I had a question about the what dave weckl is playing in the song got a match from chick corea


I really can't get a grip of what he is playing on his snare and ride during for example 0:10 - 0:20 secs in the video. Is it a rudiment? or anything else?

I hope you guys can help me with this

Thank you


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That groove is commonly known as the Dave Weckl improvisation groove. haha, sorry but there is not much more to say than that. I went to a clinic of his not too long ago where he was saying he tries to feel the music, so he pretty much doesn't play the same thing twice. So I would say its o groove set in stone. But to take a guess I would say its just a groove with right on hh or ride and left on snare with many ghost notes and the right hand coming across to the snare to play small fills and rudiments for crotchet length bits.

Always hard to decipher weckl bits, best way is to get the general jist of things then try and improvise over what you have picked up. If you can get the bass drum pattern down, which usually sets the groove, you should be able to go from there if you are good at improvising.

Sorry i couldn't help more


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This is a monstrous clip, they're all absolutely blazing.

Funnily enough, I've just come from an arduous practice session studying Weckl, and he's certainly hard to decipher. Galadrm is right in that it's improvisation over the skeleton of the melody. Yes, it's rudiment based, but he isn't just "playing a rudiment"; he's utilising technique FROM rudiments to improvise around the introductory pattern.

The best way to practice playing like that is to absorb the skeleton pattern. You can't improvise this level of playing if you're not familiar with what it is you're trying to improvise over. Notice how early on, Weckl hits an accent, just as Chick raised an eyebrow? They both just KNEW it was there.


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hey thanks for the replies and i understand what you mean. I kinda think the same.

But i found some covers of the song and you can see that the drummers are using a basic rhythm.



I have difficulties finding out what they are playing. Maybe this one is easier to analyze?
Just what I need right before my drumoff performance next week... a 10 year old kid playing Weckl's Tiempo de Festival!!!

Where can I find out more about this kid? Does he take lessons? Who from? Can he read or is it all ear?!! Fascin-effen-natin-ing!!!!!!!!!!!!