Dave Lombardo switches to ddrum


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I go on Dave's FB page fairly often, and recently read that he is NOT with DDrums anymore!!!(HE said this!) :0) Where he is going, he didnt say...hopefully Tama again, where he should have never left.........


On the Pearl Drummer's Forum there's a couple shots from a recent show, he's behind a big, monster Ludwig set. Logo kick heads and everything. I wonder if he's just playing whatever now, or if he's going to become a Ludwig guy soon.

Edit: Darn it Naigewron, missed it by that much!


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He played a Ludwig kit on the Slayer shows in Sweden a few days ago.

I found his FB. He has several recent pictures, clearly showing him playing a Tama Starclassic, although it has the painted logo, and a finish I believe they only offered a few years back, so it seems it's not a brand new Tama kit.