Dave King's Rational Funk ~ thoughts? opinions? comments?


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My favourite is the riff about how to get a gig with The Black Crowes, by playing wholly inappropriate jazz chops and admitting you don't even listen to their music. Oh, and how to get a gig with Lady Ga Ga, of course. Watched that one a bunch of times.


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This is it. I just threw 85 Jared Falk dvd's out of the window.
I can't get enough of these drum/life lessons. And industry secrets.

"Acknowledging a mistake, that's a mistake" :)


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I can see why some young drummer might be put off by Dave's joking around. But part of it might be coming from his rebellion against the mechanistic approaches to drumming that predominate drum education. I see instructional videos that are absolutely ridiculous, where the "instructor" ought to be arrested for impersonating a drummer. In reality, Dave is as nice a fellow as you could ever meet. I did a gig where he used my drums in the following act. Played his ass off. He was appreciative of my letting him play my kit. After the performance, he was helping to put away my drums. Who in the "Big Time" goes all out to show appreciation and help out? Not many.