Darrell Sweet

He was the drummer and a founding member of rock band "Nazareth". He died of a heart attack in 1999 (51 years old) during tour in Indiana, USA. Darrell was replaced in the band by Pete Agnew's son, Lee Agnew - present.

Nazareth is famous for the songs:
My White Bicycle - Morning Dew - Hair of the Dog - Love Hurts - Whippin' Boy.

Actual line-up:
Dan McCafferty – lead vocals
Jimmy Murrison – guitar
Pete Agnew – bass / Dad
Lee Agnew – drums / Son



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I never saw this thread...
Darrell was a really GREAT guy, and it was true pleasure to know him for a few years before he passed.
Real genuine guy, and solid drummer. Not flashy at all, but had solid fun groove.
The rest of the band and crew were great guys too.