Darbuka/Doumbek Drumhead Modifications to DEEPEN the Drum Pitch and Possibly Reduce Harmonics


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I possess a "matched" pair of Gawharet El Fan (Darbuka/Doumbek)s, both fitted with Power Beat drum heads. I describe them as "matched", because one is the 17 in. model with an 8.75 in. diameter head, and the other is the Dohola, 19 in. model with a 10.5 in. head.

Though they both sound different, I would like to make them sound even more distinctive, by deepening the "doom" on the 19 in. drum, and perhaps mildly reducing the overtones it generates. I DO have a Remo "Skin Deep" drumhead with which to the replace the "Power Beat" head, however, I do not know if that will have the desired effect on the Dohola. I would like to try a Remo "Fibreskin" head, however, I cannot locate one of the correct diameter for my Dohola. (Even IF I was to located/purchase one, I do not know if THAT drumhead would have the desired sonic qualities...

I have looked on-line, and thought that perhaps one of the conventional drumset drum dampening rings might result in the effect for which I seek. However, even IF a 10 in. dampening ring was applied to the underside of the drumhead, I would like to know how to permanently adhere the dampening ring to the underside of the drumhead.

Has anyone attempted to utilize a dampening ring in this way, and IF SO, what would you suggest in terms of the most appropriate one, as there are several, manufactured by "Remo", "Evans", "Aquarian", etc.. Additionally, what adhesive/technique would work to permanently adhere the dampener to the underside of the drumhead, WITHOUT harming the drumhead...?...

Any additional ideas/questions...??...

I welcome your input and avidly look forward to your suggestions!