Dante Agostini method teachers?


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OK thanks. So a lot of it looks like playing the rhythmic score as accents. Does it advance from this? Utilising doubles, flams, etc.? Or do the rhythms just become more advance. I'm just trying to gauge where to jump in, as I have a lot of experience in interpreting rhythms and accents through Chaffee and Dawson, but I'm quite fascinated by this.
on this webiste https://www.danteagostini.com/en/methods.php they have all the books. If you hover any book with your mouse you'll see the description of each, so you can see what fits best.
And if you click it, you'll see an example page.

Alain Rieder

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I've known the Agostini books since the 70s, since they were the main drum books published in French.
I have a few of them, but I haven't opened them in a long time.
The small "rhythmic solfège" books were quite standard when I was studying (and then teaching) solfège at the Conservatory, and I also have a few of them.
I could teach what's in the books, although I don't normally use them in my teaching.

The author, Dante Agostini, partnered with Kenny Clarke to create the first drum school in Paris.

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Hey, guys, I'm looking for a teacher via Skype that knows and uses Agostini's method.

Anyone here?

Well, yes, I think.
I'm using 4 books now, they all are complementary to each other....Solveggio vol 1 .... Vol 1 for snare .

Since you have the book did you try to play the example I posted, Dante Agostini Solfege Rythmique 1, Page 52 Ex: 54 ? Have you looked at it?

Have you seen how actually the written drum part looks like?

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oh boy! you're contemplating the bible of French, German, Italian and South Europe drummers. We were all raised with the 5 volumes of the method, every teacher, every school, every shop..Dante Agostini himself, Italian drummer living in Paris, was never a top 500 drummer but certainly a most influential teacher. To do justice, it seems a bit academic at first but you literally can take any of the exercises and turn it into a great fill, or groove if you spend enough hours on it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dante_Agostini


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Yes, that's what I like the most - it's musical and super comprehensive. Add their Tutti playalong book and that's all you need, literally.