Danny Walker (Intronaut)


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Re: Danny Walker(Intronaut)

I only learned about Intronaut a few months ago on Youtube or Pandora. I'm really impressed with some of these metal drummers like Travis Orbin and Alex Rudinger. I'm really excited for the metal community these days.


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Danny Walker

New to this forum and didnt see a thread for him so figured I would start one. This guy is a metal drummer, fast double bass skills, but I really love his work with the band Intronaut. He uses the double bass tastefully but what really impresses me about this guy is his polyrhythms and syncopated playing; it brings him to a completely different level for a metal drummer. Super creative as well. And he is a machine. A must to check out even if you are not into metal.

This is the first song that got me into him and the band:

Here are a couple videos from his youtube channel that are him playing to the instrument tracks:




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Danny Walker's a really underrated drummer. I wish more people knew about Intronaut, but their albums keep getting better so eventually they'll build a bigger fan base. I love how his drumming sounds like random fills but he can replicated every single time.


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I was gonna make a thread on him due to the fact i couldnt see on page one of this forum. Because... he should be! Haha hes awesome. Maybe not a lot of people on here know about intronaut. Absolute jazz/prog/metal fusion heaven. I went to see them last year. The bassist is really something special as well

I am looking hard into some of walkers gears lately and wonder why he uses as cheaper mb10 crashes instead of mb20


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