Daniel Glass's TRAPS vs Century Project


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I was looking on Drums Channel and the descriptions for both products, and the descriptions make it seem like they are the same thing essentially. What's the deal?

Can anyone explain the differences? Should I buy both?


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I have and have watched both. They're both excellent, highly recommended. Here's the difference. Century Project is more about music, and Traps is more about drum kits.

In the Century Project, Daniel goes through a century of music history, illustrating the different musical styles by playing songs (with a band) on vintage drum kits from the era. About half of the time he's just talking, explaining the evolution of the music and the kit, and the other half of the time, it's music performance.

In Traps, it's all talking, no performance. Daniel, along with John Aldridge, walks through the history of the drum kit, using vintage drums, cymbals, and other gear (and old photographs) to illustrate. They show off a quite amazing collection of vintage kits.

I learned a ton and was quite entertained by both. So there you have it.

-- Bobby