Damon Che from Don Caballero


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Bio says "He utilizes a hard-hitting yet flowing extrovert style of drumming. In Don Caballero, his drumming takes more of a lead instrument role than just keeping time. There are many instances where the guitars would act as rhythmic foundation, while Che soloed freely on top."

I'm wondering if there are any other bands where the drummer is pretty much the lead?

It also said: "Che was known in the underground music community for his erratic and unpredictable behavior, from stripping down to his boxer shorts to play the drums, to capping off a performance by breathing fire."

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Really? He ain't no Keith Moon or Mike Terranna. He may just want to stick with jockey shorts and breathing fire. BTW. What the hell kind of "music" are they playing? Sounds like Ping Pong metal. No wonder they were "underground".