Dales Drum Shop October 4th Sonor Hang and Expo

Hey guys, I just want to let you know that the Sonor Event hosted by Dales Drum Shop is a go!. The event is taking place on October 4th 2014 at Dales in Harrisburg Pa. Sonor will be here with some very cool gear for everyone to check out and play. We encourage everyone to bring some of there own gear to share with other Sonor enthusiasts. This is a great opportunity to put a face to the name. We all read and write on the forum, but never had a place to meet. Dales will have give aways and hook ups for all attending. Please feel free to contact Dan Grabski at Dales Drum Shop or Me via pm for details about the event and lodging. This is your opportunity to share some of your collection and discuss everything SONOR!