Daily Practice Routine


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Hi Everyone,

I have been playing drums for about seven or eight years now, and I practice a few hours almost every day. Recently, though, I've hit somewhat of a rut. I'm often bored, and I find myself questioning whether what I'm doing is right.

I decided to ask you guys what you do for a daily practice routine. This way I can help myself get some ideas and make sure that I'm not wasting my time. As is often said, it's not how much you practice, but how efficiently you do so.

I'm looking for the things you do everyday, as well as how long you spend with each item. Also, any tips on keeping concentration and warding off boredom are welcome.

Thanks a lot, and keep drumming...


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I think the best advice I ever heard that I will do as often as possible came from Terry Bozzio. He once stated "do something new --everyday!" In other words, don't keep practicing what you already know. Go do something you've never done before. Stretch yourself. If you do that even once a week you'll realistically have 52 new chops at the end of the year. Do that twice a week...maybe more. There's always something new to learn. Look around, choose one new lick that you've never attempted and master that one. Great for the bag of chops and your outlook. Sounds like you have time to do so. At your level of experience and ability, you can sound like a totally renewed drummer in just a few months. I urge you to take this on. You won't regret stepping out of your comfort zone.