Daddy's Junky Music


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I think it's hit or miss. Depends on what you're buying. I'm a new drummer, and I got a set of Meinl MCS hats for like $50. They were damn close to new. The bottom cymbal is still nice & shiny. The top is a bit tarnished. But that's like half price for them. No complaints there. Some of their stuff is a bit rocked. Just have to weed through the trashed stuff and sometimes you can find respectable deals.


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Never had issues with the store. We have one in a neighboring town and I will often stop in when I need something in a pinch. I prefer to buy things online. Buying sticks, heads, and basic things there is no problem. The prices aren't too high or anything and you can buy some decent, barely used equipment. My band has purchased a Presonus Firestudio and a Peavey mixer for next to nothing and they have a nice protection program for a few extra bucks that insures against the previous owners negligence. Never had a bad experience, but I prefer to pay a little less online.

Trip McNealy

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I believe I bought something from them off ebay this past winter.. i know the vendor had "Daddy's" in the name.

It was a almost-mint 14x6.5" Ludwig Supraphonic snare with P-86 Millenium strainer used for a Walt Disney show. Other than replacing the heads and shining it up, it looked brand new from the factory. No complaints with the service/transaction.


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I've recently been in the Waterbury Ct, Orange Ct, and Burlington Vt stores. There was nothing in the drum departments that made me dig for my wallet. A lot of beginner stuff and rusted and abused stuff. As was mentioned, It is hit or miss I guess.


i'm a regular visitor to new england and have had no complaints having bought stuff in the boston & portsmouth branches ... although i much prefer the independent or smaller local stores in the area anyway. i find the service & selection is always better ....

that said, i have no complaints from my experiences with daddy's


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The one in my town burned down after I went in and picked up a few pairs of sticks.
Well aren't you just the token of good luck! You'll buy no sticks from my stores if I ever own one (which I have no intrest in doing!)!

How big is this store? I've never heard of them.