D.I.Y. canister throne


I always wanted a canister throne: a hardware case that matches drum set finish. The bad news were that they cost lots of money for a seat with standard height, at least Ludwig's. So I thought of doing it myself in some affordable way. A light bulb shined inside my head:
I had an old 12" bar stool's seat from a friend, I found a PVC water pipe in garbage of same diameter that was cut to the height I wanted, 19,5". The bottom was made of cheap pinewood, the aluminium profiles are from a local kitchen forniture factory, the latches came from a local hardware store...and the wrapping (here is where most of money went) was ordered online. It was hard to find a close Gretsch WMP pattern, but I found it. The seat was re-upholstered. So...voilà: here is a Ludwig style canister throne. I'd like to drill a breath hole when I get the grommet (I forgot add one in shopping cart with the wrapping, and now does not worth pay shipping just for one). Here are the pics. Hope you like it.


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That looks wonderful! Great job! That's the great thing about canister thrones is you can make them out of anything as they don't have to sound good.


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Just find 10", 12", 14", 16" wide water pipes, spare hoops and lugs and you're in business!!
Don't forget matching wrap!


That is seriously impressive. It looks very professional and the upholstery on the seat is just superb. Great work.


...How do you keep from scratching it?

Yes, it's heavier than wood. That is why it travels on wheels. Take a look at last picture and you'll see the throne inside a Postal Service bag to keep it from scratching. Thank you all, guys, but this job was pretty easy.


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...i love the idea of building a canister throne for the sheer stability of it. any wobble on a drum throne whatsoever and i'm immediately uncomfortable. sure if it's a quick hop on someone's drums for something and they're kind enough to lend me there throne well then whatever. but on my own kit, where i practise, i want zero throne-wobble. Maximum stability. the canister thrones offer that plus that height that i personally prefer.

...EVERYTIME someone says ''oh i just made one with some water pipe i found'' - how do you just find a 12" wide water pipe?

...i've contacted a few online stores on google and from what i can see they don't sell'em in anything like small enough quantity to use for this purpose. i'm talking about in the UK if that helps matters. places advertised stuff as ''from £4.99''...only for me to call up and find it works out at £4.99 per metre of 12" tubing - when you buy 100 metres of it.


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I know this is an old post but.....

So I decided to do the DIY thing and make a canister throne. I found NO huge piece of tubing in the trash and didn't want to spend 100+ on a shell, so I decided to make a cylinder out of birch plywood 1/2" thickness. I used the kerfing method to produce a "bendable" piece of plywood that I formed into a cylinder 22" high and 12" in diameter. It was labor intensive but it worked! I cut a plywood circle of 11" to serve as the bottom. I used two 12" embroidery hoops to serve as structural supports. The top will be from my old standard round throne which will be attached with old fashioned flip hasp locks. The wrap will be black oyster pearl to match my ludwig kit. The trim rings top and bottom are from some mid century shelving that I have. Ill also add the ludwig keystone badge. So far, the shell looks solid and pretty much perfectly round. Time to start the finish work. Will post pics if there is any interest.
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Will post pics if there is any interest.

...yes, please. Some pictures to show that wonder. By using plywood you made a jackpot. It'll be lighter than mine. You know hardware to put into is quite enough heavy by itself.


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Yes please, I want to see pictures too!
Been wanting to make a canister throne for years. To go with my hipgig kit.



My apologies for the delay in updating photos. I haven't been on this forum for a looooooooooong time. I've been into vintage drums world since then. Regards.


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