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I think you got Zildjian and Sabian mixed up. Zildjian was made in istanbul/turkey until the 1900's and then they moved to new england. Sabian makes cymbals up in canada though


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Search for the Zildjian history thread.

I think Zildjian made cymbals in Meductic until 1980 or 1981 and then that became the first Sabian plant.

Or maybe it was somewhere else and then Sabian moved their facilities to Meductic, but either way I think it was '80 or '81.


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hi i know the ziljan brothers made cymbals in canada but they split up and one went to the usa the other changed name to zabian and stayed in the zildjan name is not in question was when zildjan left canada.


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It's funny, I haven't seen a Canadian K in years. There was a period in the early 80's when I think they were the only hand hammered cymbals available.


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I believe it was the K line that was made in the AZCO plant in Canada. They also made the 2nd run of Zilcos there. When the brothers split up, one of them took that plant over and started Sabian. Don't know the date off hand, but I'm sure an internet search would come up with that answer...