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I started a new forum that discusses cymbals (as main subject). I will not post a link because I don't know if that is against regulations.

Though I want to ask if their are people that are willing to dedicate some time to make the project work (it started today..).

As you can understand it is voluntary. If you are interested please send me a PM.

*** If this message is against regulations please report my post so the moderators can delete it. ***


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Really? There are so many of them out there, including the cymbal section on this site. What would make it unique?


What would make it unique.

Well ofcourse the forum started today so of course things need to be sorted out in time.. but the most important thing is that it mainly focuses on Cymbals. There is a general and a offtopic section, but it is not intended to be about drumkits. It main subject is Cymbals and all the things that are important there.

Of course there are a lot of forums with a cymbal section but I sometimes felt that it was to general, not specific enough.. and so I thought of making one myself.


So I want to ask people if they are interested in helping me getting the forum started.. not just spamming links around (please do not) but make it respectfully with rules etcetera, and make it a useful forum.