cymbal weight? is there a scale?


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I always wondered if there was a "universal" gram scale for determining cymbal classification. Say for a 18" crash there are paper thin, thin, med-thin, regular crash ect.. I have an old school zildjian 18" that weighs 1350 grams, though the markings are long gone I figure it is a Thin. My guess is there is not a scale (at least for hand created cymbals), but more a cymbalsmith's call once cymbal is created..


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I don't think there's a standard classification by weight, but that it varies by manufacturer.
Not only the weight ranges, but what they choose to call the cymbals in those ranges.


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maybe of use? I found this at cymbalholics awhiel ago.
approximate ranges, for B20 alloy (note weights for B8 would differ)

Ride Cymbal Weights

Weight Range Table for 22 Inch cymbals:

extra light ------- 1900-2100g
light ------------- 2100-2300g
medium light ---- 2300-2500g
medium --------- 2500-2800g
medium heavy -- 2800-3100g
heavy ----------- 3100-3500g
very heavy ------ 3500 and up

Weight Range Table for 20 Inch cymbals:

extra light ------- 1570-1735g
light ------------- 1735-1900g
medium light ---- 1900-2066g
medium --------- 2066-2314g
medium heavy -- 2314-2561g
heavy ----------- 2561-2892g
very heavy ------ 2892 and up

Weight Range Table for 18 Inch cymbals:

extra light ------- 1272-1405g
light ------------- 1405-1539g
medium light ---- 1539-1673g
medium --------- 1673-1874g
medium heavy -- 1874-2075g
heavy ----------- 2075-2342g
very heavy ------ 2342 and up

For 16" and smaller, you'll have to do your own math.