Cymbal tripod stand bottoms--where to buy?


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Hi all,

I have a possible upcoming project which will require about a dozen tripod bases from cymbal stands, with a telescoping middle tube for height adjustment. Is there anywhere I can go to buy these bottom halves only? I see that dFd sells them but only DW which is way more than I need. In fact that can be generic cheapo as long as the fixtures are reasonably sturdy.

Maybe I will luck out and find someone with a monster kit who is transitioning to a rack and no longer has a need for their bases...


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I have a couple of just bases - stealth rack means I'm still using the 'middle' section - sorry !
Don't know where you are- but you're welcome to them if it helps.


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Gotta know - what kind of project are you undertaking to require so many stand bases?
Making stands for several percussion instruments for which I would be fabricating the top half. Much more cost-efficient than buying them from the few people who do sell them, and I love a good project...


Not sure if it'd work for you, but maybe some cheap PDP straight stands from GC or MF? I got some a while back for less than $30 each. Quality is less than DW, but decent and cheap. Good luck!


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Find someone who converted to a rack system for their hardware.

When I used a rack I had no less than six bottom tripods laying around unused after I removed the upper pieces to use with the rack clamps.


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Thanks for the suggestions all. PDP would be awesome but their straight stands are two-piece and I need a third section in the middle because these need to be height-adjustable and the part I'm making for the top wouldn't have enough downtube for that, just enough to keep it stable in the clamp.

I did find some cheapo stands on eBay that may do the trick, I just need to see them first hand to make sure they aren't total complete junk (they don't have to be super heavy duty)

For those who are curious, I am making something like this, but with a top part that isn't telescoping as pictured (hence the need for adjustability down below):