Cymbal Topper T-Top - Gauging Interest for Manufacturing

They look great! Nice work!
Congratulations! They look pretty cool.
Thanks for the compliment. They FEEL pretty darned awesome, too. Given that they are solid stainless steel, they are quite hefty and will likely outlast any other item on a drum kit.
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They look great! Nice work!
Thank you, Bermuda. That means a lot, because it was LOT of work trying to make something that would work for any modern cymbal stand or arm, and would last forever. Probably not a smart business move to make them that durable, but we didn't do it to build a business, we did it to fulfill a desperate need. Now, if we could only figure out how to make drumsticks last longer than they do. ;)
I'd like to thank those of you that bought our first batch of Cymbal SlipTop units.

Please know that your comments and feedback did not fall on deaf ears. That said, based upon the batch we currently have, we are currently able to provide free shipping for orders of 4 - 20 pieces. This means if you order a minimum of 4 pieces, and don't exceed 20 (which most of you won't), shipping is free within the United States. Please understand that we cannot guarantee how long this pricing is good because we are at the mercy of production pricing of manufacturer(s), which can change every time we make them, and the shipping companies including USPS. In fact, USPS recently increased their Priority Mail charge by 13%! It sure seems like Covid has changed the way everything is done these days!
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