Cymbal/Tom stand stabilization


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I previously purchased 2 pearl uni-lock tom holders to attach my toms to my cymbals stands. It feels great, except for some intense shaking after every strike. Is there anything out there that will help stabilize my two toms? I would prefer not having to purchase new stands. Ramble on.

Bo Eder

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Could you post a picture of what it looks like? However, this sounds like a case of asking your existing stand to do much more than it can handle.


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I had the same problem, somewhat. I was afraid of my stands falling over with the toms attached, so I stabilized them with ankle weights. The kind kids wear on their ankles when they are training for track and field. I bought them years ago to help strengthen my legs.

It works. The stands are stable and the only vibration I get is the slight natural vibration of the tom arm.

Just drape the weights over a rung of the stands.


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Make sure that the tom is placed directly above one of the stand's legs. If the tom is placed between the stand's legs, the entire stand will become unstable and will tend to lean towards the mounted tom. Of course, if your stands are lightweight to begin with, some wobble is to be expected regardless of tom placement.


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Like Bo said, some pictures would help us determine the problem.
I prefer to use a heavy duty stand when I am hanging a tom. I use combination tom/cymbal stands that are designed to hold toms and cymbals instead of an L arm clamped to a cymbal stand. I get the best results that way.