Cymbal to drum ratio


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My current cymbal setup seems to be one crash for each tom. So if I have three toms, I have three crashes.
Then of course the hi-hat goes with the snare, and the ride goes with the bass drum. That is my math equation.


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I just did drums for a virtual choir. 5 Drums: kick, rack, floor, 2 snares. 7 Cymbals: 3 crashes, 2 chinas, 1 ride, 1 splash.

I couldn't help myself. Hahahahaha!

Al Strange

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Not counting the pair of hi hats. My thread my rules :)

Hi my name is Larry and I play a 5 piece.

And I have 1 cymbal for every drum. (3 crashes, 1 splash, 1 ride)

So my ratio is 1:1 (Cymbals first)

I never realized this before.
Hi my name is Al and I play a 5 piece Premier and a 6 piece Pearl.

When playing I have 0.8 cymbals for every drum (Premier), 2 crashes, 1 China, 1 ride; or
0.666 cymbals for every drum (Pearl).

My Premier ratio is an angelic 0.8:1 but more worryingly, expanding on @johnwesley’s quite frankly evil Al-gebraic formulae (Satan’s equations?), my Pearl ratio is the number of the beast?!:oops::devilish: