Cymbal to drum ratio


"Uncle Larry"
Not counting the pair of hi hats. My thread my rules :)

Hi my name is Larry and I play a 5 piece.

And I have 1 cymbal for every drum. (3 crashes, 1 splash, 1 ride)

So my ratio is 1:1 (Cymbals first)

I never realized this before.


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I have 6 cymbals set up and 5 pieces currently. I have a 7th cymbal available if I want. I also have 4 other drums available.

So I guess that makes me a +1 cymbal to drum ratio currently.


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Then shouldn't the snare fall into the "art" category too? It's not a "regular" drum, just like hats aren't regular cymbals.


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I have a 7 piece kit with 5 cymbals plus the hats. As for how to consider the snare and hi hats, neither of them are regular. And an argument can be made that the bass drum isn't regular either.


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Right now I'm using six drum, six cymbals, so yep, 1:1 also!

2-up, 2-down, bass and snare
3 crashes, splash, ride, and a swish.



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5pc (1U/2D) and 7 cymbals + hats (8 until last week. Sold one that hadn't made it onto the stand in two years for the drum fund). China and Ozone either swap spots or don't go up at all. Haven't mounted my splash in for ever, but it's too sweet to offload. So technically a 1:1 ratio. Last time I gigged I had a 1U/1D set up with ride and two crashes. There may be a gigging opportunity in the weeks/months ahead. Will likely have the same setup as the last gig.

It sounds pretty modest - 2.2:1 not counting hats (3.4:1 with hats) - but considering I have 298 drums... 😮
That's more than all of the Phoenix music stores combined!:oops::oops::oops:

C.M. Jones

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My universal, unchanging setup consists of four drums: snare, bass, tom, and floor tom.

Not including my hi-hat, I have four cymbals: a ride and three crashes.

My ratio is 1:1.

I hate doing math.