Cymbal Tightening


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I use the Sonor 'clothes peg' style cymbal toppers - threaded inside for adjusting, but can be removed in a second by squeezing the top. I tried the Vater one - didn't like it - it kept slipping, or being too hard to get on and off.

I have soft felts on top, lightly resting in the top of the cymbal to help it return to position after a crash.

I find that a 1" felt doesn't take up any cymbal real estate - I don't play on the inner 1/2".


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I keep mine as loose as possible, prefer the feeling/response from the cymbals. Half the time I wont use wignuts. I do use quite heavy cymbals mostly though so that probably has something to do with it.

I've always been under the impression that tightening them too much increases the cymbals from cracking, although I don't have any personal experience on this.


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Only use bottom felts, like a big open sound. Still looking for some T toppers from somewhere.

Last time I saw Mike Portnoy with DT his crashes were that tight they didn't move and sounded awful.


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I use bottom felts with a sleeve and wingnut. The sleeve is tall enough that the cymbal and the wingnut won't come into contact, but if they do touch the wingnut is there to keep the cymbal from flying off the stand.