cymbal stand repair


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what is the best way to fix stripped out cymbal stands? I have 3 PDP double braced stands I picked up with a drumset I bought, but the bottom tightener on all 3 is stripped out - is there a simple fix or parts I can get?
I've had some success using a thread repair product called Helicoil.they come in all different sizes.But most cymbal stands use a "whitemetal" a magnesium/aluminum
mix and once they strip they are pretty much stripped.You could try to tap the hole with a bottom tap and chase the thread on the wingbolt.Hope this helps.

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Hey $andbox,

Are you talking about the leg clamp, or the bottom tube-into-tube clamp?

If you could post a pic or 2, I can probably help- I've repaired and sold probably 30 or so stands since I started out... Heck, I may even have the parts you need. (if replaceable)

Heli-coils work great. too.

C. P.
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JB Weld is your friend. I've used this stuff for many different fixes, including stripped out threads on stands. It won't last forever but does last a good while.