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Here's a cymbal stand with the original tilter (you just miss this tilter to get a normal cymbal stand).

Here I replaced the tilter with this bar that you do have, but which is incomplete.

Here is an element that you miss

Here is the original tilter again, on top of the bar

Extra hi hat (you miss one of the elements to secure the hi hat cymbals)

Tilter back, for a splash maybe

With an extra bar, to accommodate a wider cymbal

This is Yamaha equipment from the 80's, but these elements are still available, with new wingnuts, basically:
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Excellent responses from everyone. To clarify the OP's options further...

This is a Yamaha model CS720 cymbal stand (made from ~1986 to 1992) that has the original cymbal tilter replaced with a partial/incomplete CSAT920 (or *30 or *40) cymbal stacker attachment.

The original cymbal tilter assembly looks like reference number 1-1 in the following diagram in Yamaha's parts database:

[NOTE: If the above link doesn't display the parts diagrams and list, try:
And then click the first result for model CS720.]

The complete tilter assembly includes the cymbal tilter (#5) plus the nylon flanged sleeve (#4), two felts (#3) and the wing nut (#1).

Given the above, here are some options:

1. Potentially the quickest and least expensive option would be to leverage the current cymbal stacker, stop and felt, and just add a flanged or non-flanged sleeve. The Yamaha PTS-3A flanged sleeves and other similar ones like the Gibraltar long SC-19A, etc. are all designed for 8mm shafts and threaded at the top so you'll want a sleeve with a non-threaded 10mm ID:

-- Remove the stacker part of the stand and take it to a local music shop or hardware store and find a compatible sleeve or nylon tubing, respectively.

-- Order the specific flanged sleeve for the Yamaha cymbal stacker attachment with part number U0657060 from your preferred music shop.

2. Order the original complete Yamaha tilter assembly (1-1 above) with part number U0650083 from your preferred music shop. The cost of this part may be $20+ dollars which is close the cost of a new complete CSAT940 cymbal stacker attachment so weigh these two alternative with option #3...

3. Look for a compatible used Yamaha cymbal stand top section (tilter and upper 3/4in tube) from online sources such as eBay, Reverb, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. I just checked eBay, Reverb and Indianapolis Craigslist (OP is Indiana) and didn't see anything, but I see upper sections for sale often.

NOTE: While the above U* Yamaha part numbers currently show an Order(able) status in the parts database, it doesn't necessarily mean they are available in Yamaha inventory. An Order status just means it hasn't been officially discontinued like an ORDER STOP status.

Best of luck.