Cymbal Selection help (AAX)


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I've narrowed down my crash search to three cymbals in the AAX line from Sabian.
I found a 20" AAXplosion for either 155(floor model) or 165(used/returned); a new 17" dark crash for 168; and an 18" AAXplosion fast crash for 155.

I really like all the three and plan to get them at some point in time. As far as money goes, they are all pretty equally priced and my only qualm would be the floor or used 20". I'm leaning towards the 17" right now with the other two pretty much tied. Thoughts or suggestions?


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Those are some pretty different cymbals. I have the 20" AAXplosion and wouldn't dream of replacing it with either of the other two you listed, but it really depends on what you're going for. The 20" is a medium thin crash, the 17" dark I believe is a thin, and the 18" fast is also a thin (or thinner?). For me, I don't like anything smaller than an 18", but I also shy away from anything that says "fast" because to me that's code for lack of body. Ditto for the dark.

So based on what very little I know about your current setup and what you're looking for, I'm voting for the 20" ;-)


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Well, i'm currently using a Paiste 502 16", which is what I plan to replace with the fast crash, that came with my kit and a Sabian AA Metal-x 18" that i think is leaving a bad taste in my mouth towards bigger (thicker) cymbals.


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if you play rock I'd get the 20 aaxplotion crash but the most versatily cymbal of those three is the 18"aaxplotion