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Re: ¿making hi hats into quick beats?

Quick beats. I drilled holes as similar as i could, i think i got it pretty perfect.


What are everyones genral thoughts on the raparing of cymbals repairs and mods? How do thay soud afterwards? Do thay sound ruffly the same if all you do is drill a little holeon top of the crack? The reasion i ask is I have a set of Zildjian Plant Z's, high hat and 18 ride/crash and im thinking i may beable to by some broken cymbles from some friends? How will thay sound?
Depends on how much money you're saving I'd say. If you can get some really nice cymbals, except for the cracks, for a really really low price, then go for it. Otherwise, I know I'd prefer to have a new, uncracked cymbal even if it meant a little bit of a price jump.
Re: the World's smallest ride.

i was aiming to make a splash but there is no way of denying it this cymbal is a ride!
i took an old cracked paiste 2002 top hi hat and cut it down to 8and a half inches. gave it a good polishing and then took it to the gig last night. it barks like a china pang when hit like you would hit a splash or crash but to my surprise the bell competes with the bell of my 22'' ride and even the bow is loud enough to cut through. it is a unique sound. quite dry and low toned for such a small cymbal and as you can imagine there is no wash but loads of ring. the metal is quite thick and so the sound is a ride.
when i got home this morining i buffed her up and gave her a paint job and now she will be a permanent feature on my kit.

im thinkin about doin this do my old paiste top hi hat. its a really old cymbal and when i cleaned it with some brass cleaner the color looked like a dull, somewhat pink color. so my question is how did you get that old paiste to look brand new?


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after cutting her down to size and filing the edge nicely round i took some fine grain carbon paper, wet it and gently sanded the cymbal for an hour in little circles. then i took a buffing pad (sheepskin) and attached it tomy drill. i poured commercial brass cleaner and buffed the cymbal until it shone.

this was the fun part.



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Speaking of cymbal mods, would it affect the sound if I painted my cymbals with usual car paint out of the can? I've rarely seen painted cymbals but it should be easy to do and not very expensive.


anyone know anyone awesome in london? I've got a very early old k ride which is one of the most beautiful rides I have ever played! The catch is that it has a small crack emanating from the mounting hole (like that when I bought it) - I'm waaay to scared to drill this myself and wouldnt mind a hand?


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Afrolicious said:
Speaking of cymbal mods, would it affect the sound if I painted my cymbals with usual car paint out of the can? I've rarely seen painted cymbals but it should be easy to do and not very expensive.
Even if it did you could strip the paint off, with no damage the cymbal, could you not?


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I would like to trim down this Paiste cymbal to a 10" splash...I think that it will sound pretty good because it is so thin...I could also make it a 12".

I also have a 15" A Custom crash that needs a few inches taken off. I wonder how that will sound?



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DogBreath said:
Ouch! That picture almost brings a tear to my eye.
Well, the Zildjian wasn't mine. My friend's old drummer abused and broke it, and it had been sitting in a basement wedged in a crack behind a door.

The Paiste, however, is mine and my former roommate initially cracked it, and I kept playing on it, so the original crack (radial) started to move along the grooves, so I cut off the peeling metal. I think it will make a great 10 or 12 inch splash after a visit to a machine shop.

What does everyone think? 10 or 12?


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The green is from my other crash - a Zildjian ZBT 16". However i think the colour balance of my camera distorted some of the colour on the A Custom tho, hehe. The ZBT is about 8 years old now, and had a pretty rough life - ie my 1st crash. I haven't polished it because I have heard so many people warnin of cleaning very ingrained cymbals because it affects the sound.


hi sorry if this threads a bit old but ive just bought a 15"aaxtreme china second hand and its out of shape on the lip section looks like its been squashed or hit too hard so the lip has drooped down on about a quarter of the circumference
has anyone got any advice on fixing the problem or if its likely to make any difference to the sound? its a bit difficult to know without having another one here to compare to