Cymbal Identifiaction help


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I picked up this 12" Sabian Radia this weekend, it was used and marked a "cup chime". However the only cup chime's I can find online only go up to 9" and the lathing pattern doesn't match. Sorry for the crap pic, This cymbal is only marked "HH Radia 12"", and is about 4mm thick, seriously it's heavier than most 20" rides. Halp what is this?


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Some kind of 12" bell, I guess. There were a lot of secret or prototype models in that line. I wouldn't worry too much about the label if you like the sound.

Thanks for the reply, I wasn't sure is Sabian Prototypes say that on them like Paiste's? The closest thing I could find online was a Memphis drum shop video of an 11" HH vault custom shop heavy bell in sound and thickness. I got this for free, so i can't complain. It's kind of like a zil-bel on steroids/mini-megabell ride. I really like the sound, it replaced the 9" Alu-bell on my main kit.

This is the clip I was referring to.