Cymbal Find - 17" Zildjian Hats


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So I went a bought another drumset a couple days ago mostly for a full set of K Custom Darks that I wanted a couple of, and as I'm packing up the guy says, "You can take that bag of junk cymbals too." Of course, I scooped them right up without even looking because at the worst I can give them to my students or throw me away.

Opening the bag up I home I found one brass junk cymbal, one usable B8 Pro, and these...

Its hard to photograph but browsing the internet I believe these have the 50s Zildjian hollow stamp. The stamps are pretty light but they are definitely block letters. And the sources I read said they only used block letter stamps in the 50s.

I thought, "Cool, some old Zildjian crashes" until I saw this:

With this lettering the obviously says "Hi-hat" and the wear around the edges of the cymbals, I believe these are factory made 50s Zildjian 17" Hi-hats.

The cymbals are perfectly matched in diameter 16 15/16". Top: 1167 grams Bottom: 1223 grams (Lighter than some of my 14s)

Of course I tried these out as soon as I could. This set is pretty thin and quick for 17's. The slosh is warm and smooth; decently jazzy sound. These make great sounding all-around hats with a nice warm funky quality.

I don't know what I'm going to do with these yet. I'm tempted to sell them but they are such cool cymbals I might want to keep them. Unfortunately, I might have to try and get the tape residue off these beauties.
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I don't know what I'm going to do with these yet. I'm tempted to sell them but they are such cool cymbals I might want to keep them.
You can sell them to me!

BTW, that's not the "block" stamp, my guess on their age is maybe mid-'60s.


PS - here's the block stamp



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Thank Bermuda! I certainly don't claim to be a vintage Zildjian expert. I'm just going off of internet pictures.

These hats sound really cool. I mostly play with K Custom Hybrids 13" and these are so big and sloshy. The difference is huge (so is the difference in positioning). Honestly, I probably won't use these much but I've only found one online account of vintage Zildjian 17" hats. Makes me want to hang onto them.

PS - Bermuda, if you're serious, PM me. I won't clean them for a couple days.

Matt Bo Eder

It's nice to see the 17" hi-hat love goin' on ;)

You know what I found to be a really cool cleaner is that "Groove Juice" stuff (available at Sam Ash or Guitar Center). You simply spray it on pretty liberally, then rinse it off. I do this to my Zildjians about once a year in the backyard. I do use an old sponge to work it a little bit, but you don't really have to. Awesome stuff.