Cymbal comparison: Istanbul/Paiste/Meinl


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Hi, first post here!

Looking for cymbals (on a strict budget)

I've been offered a couple of cymbal set deals by a drumshop as a peace offering for a (now resolved) minor issue.

I was originally about to buy a set of Paiste PST8s after comparing with other ranges, but for a comparable price they have also offered a set of Istanbul Mehmet Sultans or Meinl MB10s, which would both normally be much more expensive.

I play rock (rather than Metal) and am quite a hard hitter (probably poor technique as much as passionate drumming!). Although I am very tempted to go for the Sultans, I am a little worried that I will damage the crash with over-exuberance.

I'd be interested in any feedback from someone who has experience of the Sultans for rock/heavy playing or anyone who knows about the Meinl MB10s.


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Sorry- just realised it's my 4th post (duh!). Getting confused as to which sites I've posted on before...


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Go for the better used cymbals than the Paistes. I love Istanbul cymbals, but the Meinl's might be better for rock. Hard to say without hearing the Sultans, handmade cymbals vary quite a bit. Learn proper technique and you'll be good to go no matter which you choose.


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don't buy new cymbal packs on beginner/intermediate cymbals. buy used pro level cymbals.
they are half or less the price and better in the long run. contrary to what you might hear, different brands/labels types (i.e. Sabian __ with a Paiste __ ) may match.

also, cheaper to take your time and learn better crashing technique than breaking cymbals for the next few years. no need to hit hard. good luck.


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Thanks to you both (Jodgey4 & Opentune) for your advice. I certainly accept that first and foremost I need to look at technique, and I take on board the advice to look at the used cymbal market and to mix-and-match. Many thanks!