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I'm looking to augment my kit with an 18 inch crash, straight crash, not a crash-ride. I'm pretty much a Zildjian guy (A line) in my general taste. I had an 18 inch Zildjian med-heavy crash a few years ago, frankly I hated it. It took a lot of energy to get it to crash and when it did, I found it overpowering and just not very versatile. I tend to prefer thinner crashes in general so I guess that's no surprise.

I really would like to add that 60's/early 70's Ringo or Keith Moon sound without having to pound the damn thing to death to get it. I'm willing to look outside my usual Zildjian box, particularly curious about Paiste, and I do appreciate Sabians, also willing to look at perhaps something more exotic or off the beaten path as long as it gives me what I want, which is that warm buttery smooth deep crash sound without overpowring everything else. Oh also don't wanna break the bank, I'm willing to buy used as long as it's used and not abused. My budget is gonna be in the $100-130 range or so.

So have at it guys, gimme some suggestions. I'll try to audition some this week and let y'all know what I settle on (if I get that far).


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Another vote for the A Thins.

If you were going new I'd recommend the Avedis line, they sound like the old As up until the 60s which is what you're after.


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Previously a Zildgian only guy, I discovered the Paiste Signature Full Crash line on a kit at an audition a while back and absolutely love them (16" & 18"). A lot like A Customs but a little more so. Glassy and easy to get the crash sound (responsive). Paiste are going to be more in the $200+/- range used though.


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Well, after a very long hiatus, I was surprised to see what a huge selection of cymbals there is to choose from these days. After many hours of checking out most of them on You Tube (I know, not the same as in person), I have concluded A Zildjians STILL hold their own. I think I will be buying the entire line.
Or, maybe I'm just a stubborn old fart. ;)