Cygnus X-2 Plays Rush


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Instead of making several separate threads to cover what is, essentially, one topic, I'll just maintain one here.

Cygnus X-2 is the Rush tribute group I put together with a few of my favorite local Raleigh musicians. Warren Sharp was the frontman of Stammerings, and we've known each other since high school. I think it was 2014 where Stammerings opened for a band called Kindler from Greensboro, whose singer/bassist Cameron Fitzpatrick absolutely blew us away with his animated bass playing and stratospheric vocals. We had a beer after the show, I asked if he was a Geddy Lee fan, he said he was, and the idea for a Rush tribute was born. We didn't get started until 2018, when my roommate and keyboard wiz Kevin Teachey joined us and we started learning Hemispheres in its entirety for its 40th anniversary.

We've played a grand total of four actual shows so far. Mostly because I do bring out the whole stupid kit. And it's awesome. But that's twelve hours of moving drums.

So we're doing live streams from my garage every two week on Facebook (click here - the next one is this Saturday at 8pm EDT), and hopefully on other platforms as we continue to learn about how all the video stuff works. My girlfriend's laptop is set up in a corner of the studio with four phones connected to it, so we have some pretty awesome shots. She has also made several hand-drawn graphics for the live streams.

What else... Warren's got a real Gibson EDS-1275 now and a stereo guitar rig that sounds incredible, Cameron is playing a bass rig that includes my new Rickenbacker 4003 (which, honestly, I bought for him to play) and Bassman 135 in full Ric-O-Sound "Saturate" Mode, and Kevin's got a bunch of analog synths running through my Neve clones. It all sounds really good.

Here's Red Barchetta from the first stream:

The first stream's audio ended up a good bit overdriven, so I'm going to have to check the gain staging. I'm running the audio as a stereo output from my recording rig, into a second interface for the video laptop, so it's not exactly the purest thing in the world. Still feels good though, but this week's audio should have more dynamic range.

And here's 2112 from our last legitimate show on March 11th:


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Y'all are good at doin' Rush. Ever consider doin' your own stuff or have you even written any? If you do, will it reflect a big Rush influence or do you have your own ideas?


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You guys are great. Try writing something on your own put rush away for now. You have the ability to copy the ability to create is another level. Good luck.


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You guys are great. Try writing something on your own put rush away for now. You have the ability to copy the ability to create is another level. Good luck.
When you go see an orchestra, you don't see people saying "this orchestra should write its own material because that would make it soooo much better" do you? No, you don't. Two reasons for that: because playing and writing are separate skills, and because the whole point of an orchestra is to perform. I bet you that you will never show up to one of our original shows, and those original shows aren't 1) happening at all right now or 2) paying enough to make ends meet. So why bother implying that what we're doing is inadequate? We all have other projects where we write, and regardless the purpose of this is to exercise the learning-and-performing muscle.
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Thanks for the update Ryan! As a Red Barchetta fan, I felt the HH at 5:46 could use a little more staccato. Other than that, it sounds great. I'll try to tune in for the next live show. The four video feeds seems very challenging.

PS. I wish the [video] frame rate was higher for the drums.


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Not easy to pull off in any environment, & in the case of lockdown distance videos, the extra challenge of disconnection. Major props to you all!!

BTW, kit looks stellar :)


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Thanks everyone. I would also like a higher frame rate for all camera feeds but there are a couple obstacles; namely, the cost of doing business. We're using a couple old phones that don't do so great in indoor lighting and the laptop is a processing bottleneck. We'll get a new computer soon. I'm not going to go back and re-edit an hour and a half of material each time we do a stream, so what you see on playback is what the computer is able to process on-the-fly.

But I've uploaded the full streams:

July 11:

July 25:

Next stream is on August 8th. We'll be adding Entre Nous as the fresh tune.