Cutting down services?


Matt Bo Eder

OK. I'm wondering if we have anyone here (of course we do) who has the time and is willing to cut down my 18x20 Pearl Vision with a wrap bass drum.

I'd like it either in 14x20 or 15x20, whatever is easier. If someone is here in California that would be even cooler. And how much would someone likely charge me for said job?



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Pro Drums in Hollywood will do it. I used to own a bass drum that I wanted cut down, and if memory serves, they quoted me something around $100-125. And that included cutting a new bearing edge, drilling new holes for lugs, etc. This was about 4 years ago. Never had it done, as I got rid of that kit shortly thereafter.


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Just take it down to Bill Detamore's shop at Pork Pie and have his guys cut it down for you.

Matt Bo Eder

As much as I hate the deep bass drum, it's not unbearable. I took the heads off and gave it a measure. If I had them cut it from the batter side, to make it work the easiest, by just lopping off an end and re-drilling for the lugs and cutting a new edge, they'd have to cut 5 inches off to clear where the lugs currently are now. So I don't know if I'd be happy with a 13x20 bass drum, although I'm sure I probably couldn't tell.

I'm kinda' particular about that 14x20 size. I'll probably take it to Stan when I have some time to see what he would say about it. Thanks for the advice!


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I'll second Bill Detamore, and if he doesn't have time, try Chris Heuer (he's in Glendale.) Tell 'em I sent you. Um, maybe not.