Cutting a cymbal and using it on a snare?

Funky Crêpe

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I've seen jojo mayer play with the diameter of the snare drum covered by a cut off cymbal. Just the outside layer, maybe 2 inches or so in width. Has anyone else done this? Great sound off it! Really fat, would love to try it but it looks hard to pull off! I'm guessing you'd get a normal muffling rind, draw a line along it when its on the snare, then cut. But how the hell would you cut it so cleanly? Maybe Jojo had someone at sabian do it for him..


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I've been using small cymbals and complete diameter-of-drumhead cymbals on my drums for years. Really interesting stuff using Tala Wands (or any dowelled sticks) on the cymdrums.


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It is an old trick. I first saw it done 20 some odd years ago.

I forget the story behind how that trick came into being. I recall there was a story, but I don't remember what the story was.

But I've seen people do it every now and then again because it does make an interesting sound.


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this sounds so nice, i already was playing with a splash 10'' on my snare somethimes but the cymbal felt down everytime i play to hard on my snare.

I'm gonna take a 14'' and cut all the middle section. i like that sounds !