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Customer service doesn't seem to be an issue until you need it. I am curious which drum related companies you believe offer good customer service? In terms of good, I mean ones who offer an easy way to contact, are easy to deal with, and who stand behind their products.

So far I have had dealings with DW and am currently dealing with TAMA. DW had really good customer service. I am still trying to figure out how to contact TAMA.


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I've heard that Tama is nearly impossible to get in contact with. The reps at my local Guitar Center complain that every time they need to contact Tama to order something, they have so much trouble with it.

Ddrum has excellent customer service. I dealt with them a few times, and their guy was very kind and helpful, and always quick to respond. He sold me a pair of replacement spurs for a kit for $20 shipped to my door.


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Pearl is pretty great.

And judging by the way Evansspecialist is on every major drum forum I'd imagine getting help from them would be pretty easy.


I recently sent an email to Mapex for some tom memory locks on a used kit I bought. Didn't think I'd hear back from them but got an email in a couple days offering to send me 2 for free. Thought that was nice, considering they didn't make anything on my drum purchase.

Pork Pie also has great customer service.

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I have spoken with sonor, dw, mapex and pearl and they were all pretty good. Only thing is its hard to get some of their emails/phone numbers.

I think it's the retailers that lack finesse. Sending me dodgy/used stuff and pretending they didn't notice when they boxed it up and shipped it to Aus.

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I just had an excellent experience with Ludwig that I've detailed in an earlier thread. I was able to talk directly to the rep, and I was taken care of within a few weeks. I don't know if I would have gotten the same service if I had started talking to the Custom Service department first. I can't comment on that. But I'm a happy supporter of Ludwig now, after they stepped up and solved my problem so quickly.

I also just had a minor problem with some Gibraltar stands. Some proprietary screws they use on the clamp hinges had fallen out somewhere and been lost. I emailed them and received replacements right away.


It's good to know there are still a lot of good drum companies out there! I should have researched this topic earlier. I am still trying to figure out how to get into contact with TAMA to replace a broken Speed Cobra spring.

I have had to contact Gibraltar too, and had a similar experience, quick reply and friendly staff.

How about poor customer service experience from drum related companies? Any you avoid due to their poor customer service?

Happy Thanksgiving DW members!


I haven't had anything wrong with any actual drum purchases so I've never really had to go to customer service. The only time I did was when I contacted Pearl about a small plastic bushing on the snare stand I use. I was going to ask how to buy a replacement, but they went ahead and sent me two free of any charge.

Only thing is its hard to get some of their emails/phone numbers.
That's what I found out after trying to contact Ludwig about my CM order status. I think the best way to do this if nothing is listed on their website is to find out who their parent company is and call them. They'll be able to transfer you accordingly.


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I thought most companies were fine to work with when I worked at Guitar Center, but no matter what I was trying to learn about whatever product, it was nearly impossible to find any information through Yamaha. I was looking up the part number for some Stage Custom spurs and I couldn't find anything online; I had to call the rep, who even had a bit of a difficult time himself. I mean, why wouldn't you offer that information to your customers? It just seems silly.