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I just bought a new tama superstar SL kit, all birch, and i want to strip the wraps and lacquer it a dark natural. Does anybody have advice on how i can go about doing this carefully?


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Unless you are skilled in wood prep work and refinishing, step away from the work bench. You are opening a can of worms that will do nothing but disappoint you when all is said and done. I refinished four very cheap drums by removing the wrap and you have no clue what sort of wood is under that wrap for the exterior layer. It could be a poor layer that will not sand or stain properly

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If it has a wrap, chances are the outer ply of wood will not have a nice grain and even a dark stain will not look that to good. A drum company won't waste a nice looking, even grain veneer on a drum that's getting wrapped or a solid color finish. Birch can have a lot of dark and light grain in the same piece.


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alright thanks for the help. what about rewrapping it? could i just take it to someone and have it done?