Custom Subkick


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I was thinking of making a custom subkick. I would get some bungees from the hardware store and fasten to the speaker inside of the kick.

Much like the shu:

My concern is, does having a subkick inside the bass drum work / sound ok? All of the custom ones I've seen are outside of the resonant head.


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I could be wrong, but I think most of the super low frequency stuff those reverse speakers are meant to pick up happens outside the drum, likely a few inches away from the head.

It's really easy to make an external mount for a do it yourself subkick, which is literally just a decent speaker with the wires reversed in the cable. Since it's a speaker, it's also a magnet. Just make your mount metal; like an L shape with a base, and it will hold itself.


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Thanks! That's really helpful. I've been curious about how to make the stand if having it inside wasn't a good option.