Custom made cocktail drum


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So I think I am going to have my local shop make me a custom cocktail drum to use with my country/rockabilly band.

I am pretty much sold on it being maple shell, but am just curious about suggestions for the ply thickness and the diameter. I don't plan on putting any "Attachments" on it...I would like to do the least amount of drillign in the shell. It will have maple wood hoops as well....

So my dilemma is which ply thickness to allow the top head to havea decent "Bright" sanre sound, and also for the bottom to have a decent bass sound? I am, for no logical reason, thinking 8 ply as a starting point?

And I am thinking 15 diameter (over 14) to allow for a better sounding bass head. I feel like I can get a 15" snare side to sound like I want it, but would be "boxed in" as far as the bass sound on a 14?

Will probably put an Ambassador Vintage coated on top, and an Ambassador Fiberskyn on the bottom....

any thoughts?