Custom Drum Sticks... Do they actually exist?


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Now I'm not talking about a standard 5A stick with your name printed on it, I mean a custom stick where you can choose the size, colour, tip etc. I've done a bit of searching but it has yielded no results.

(Sorry if there's already a thousand of these types of threads by the way.)



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He's up and running, and has the same wood supplier and wood grade quality as Vic Firth.
The sticks from the new wood I got is beautiful.
He also has a new partner and is going to get things going a lot smoother and quicker.

The name may change, but he's going to be going very strong in a month or so. New site, etc...
What set him back on things was a huge order, and then the lathe burned out.

With this new thing, I think he's going to have more than 1 lathe as well.

He has been getting things back on track since the new lathe came in anyway, which is great because I love the sticks, and DON'T want to go back to store bought. I want MY stick.